T H E   G O B I  D E S E R T

Mongolian herders are deeply rooted to their ancient tradition and culture. They love the land and protect it with knowledge of how to balance the number of animals and the environmental affordability.
We always respect the tradition and culture, and conform to environment protection rules when working with the herders in different parts of the Gobi and Altai region.

We,Hohhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd are located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia where the Mongolian herders graze cashmere goats for the best quality cashmere in the world. With unique advantage of resourcing raw material, professional team, advanced equipment and awareness for strict quality, we produce high quality cashmere products including sweaters, scarves, coats, blankets, hats, gloves and other items in cashmere.

It is our mark. It is the location , sourcing of the material, team of people, quality and spirit.
Every Single Piece is Made with Pride and Passion for Quality
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