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Mr. Murun's Daughter

Our company, Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.(AKA The North Land Cashmere) was set up by Mr. Murun in 2008, specializing in manufacturing and exporting Mongolian cashmere & wool products.

Since its inception, our company has been providing OEM, ODM, and OBM services to customers mainly from the North America, Western and Northern Europe, Japan, and Korea.

As a Mongolian cashmere factory, we emphasize quality and expertise in products. As a trading company (cashmere exporter), we focus on services and integration of resources to meet the ever more elaborate requirements from customers. To be more specific, compared to many other cashmere manufacturers from Inner Mongolia, or from other parts of the globe, we are much more solution-oriented, not restricting ourselves to the traditional way of merely providing products. 

Our advantages lie in four main aspects:

1). Experienced people permeating both factories and offices. Led by Mr. Murun, a Mongolian who started his career at Ordos Cashmere first as a worker and then became a trading specialist, our company is brimful of experts of his sort. As he puts it: there's nothing more valuable to a company than its people. Meet the Northlanders.

2). A dazzling variety of products. Our product line covers basically everything cashmere and wool, with a certain amount of silk, yak and other fibers as complements. The reason we are able to keep such a wide range is that not only are we a cashmere knitting factory, we are also a trading company, which gives us a chance of great maneuverability. Browse the products.

3). Control over raw materials. Our cashmere comes directly from the herding base established by Mr. Murun in his hometown. Please have a look at this article to see how we work on our raw cashmere. A Mongolian Cashmere Manufacturer

4). Great manufacturing resourcesApart from our own cashmere knitting factory, we have been keeping close cooperation with many partner factories. Located in the heartland of cashmere industry, Hohhot, we are at a natural advantage to distinguish excellent factories. Our relationships with them have stood the test of many ups and downs in the industry. Most of them have been doing business with us for over 10 years. Their quality products, combined with our professional services to customers, are what we call the Integration of Resources, which is a key strategy for our company's future development. We are also reaching out for companies far beyond Hohhot to develop ideas for new and interesting cashmere products. Check the factories

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