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Our New Website Is Officially Online!

date:2019-03-16 【Large】 【medium】 【small】 

After several months of hard work. Our new website is finally presentable to public. The purposes of this website are 1). to introduce our company to visitors; 2). to answer as many questions as possible for dealing with orders(FAQs section); 3). to share our company activities and furthermore our Mongolian ethics; 4). to share cashmere knowledge and industry news; 5). and some others.

You can:

1. Check the factories

2. Meet the People

3. Browse the Products

4. See what colors we have as stock

5. Find answers to general questions

This website is a collective effort of below persons/entities to whom our company is expressing the most sincere gratitude.

General Guidelines: Murun

Artwork Design: Eva

Photoshooting: Zuo WeiChen

Contents Arrangement and Technicals: Eric

Copywriting: Tergel

Outsourced to: www.nmgf.net (Inner Mongolia Guofeng Network)

Enjoy exploring our website!

Jan 29, 13 : 02Time in New York

Jan 29, 18 : 02Time in London

Jan 30, 01 : 02Time in Hohhot
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